Embassy in India

Prevention COVID-19

The latest communications received by the Governments of India, Maldives and Nepal are attached below.

All Argentine citizens are informed that:

INDIA: has suspended ALL the visas from today until April 15th 2020


MALDIVES: people with a history of travel to the following countries or regions in the last 14 days will not be able to enter or transit the Maldives from the established dates; - Mainland China, effective February 4, 2020 - Iran, effective February 26, 2020 - Republic of Korea (Daegu, Busan, Gyeonbuk, and Gyeongnam), effective March 3, 2020 - Italy, effective Effective March 8, 2020 - Bangladesh, effective March 10-24, 2020.


 NEPAL: all visas on arrival are suspended until April 30th 2020



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